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                About M.C.D.

                (Our Professional Team)

                Guangdong M.C.D. Consultants Co., Ltd. was established by the TWO brothers Mr. Shaohuai Chiu and Mr. Shaobo Chiu in 1999 which is specialized in Visas application and Migration service for USA, Canada, Australia and other countries, and providing the solutions to the Business Owners or Senior Executives for their investment immigration and children’s education aboard.. In addition, Guangdong M.C.D. Consultants Co., Ltd. is also professionalized in supplying the full range of consulting services for all kinds of Relative Immigration and Spouse Visa for clients.

                Guangdong M.C.D. Consultants Co., Ltd. is a legitimate consultant company which was firstly recognized by the Ministry of Public Security of China and granted operating license of personal travel and migration. Its license No. is 【2007】0013.

                Guangdong M.C.D. Consultants Co., Ltd. has a strong desire in building a centennial enterprise. The company has received lots of honor, such as The Most Respected Consumer Awards in 2005”, “The Excellent Brand of Immigration Agency in Southern China in 2006”, “The Top Ten Immigration Agency with Professional Service in 2007”, “The Most Respected Consumer Awards in 2008”, “The Immigration Brand Agency of Europe, USA and Australia in 2008”, “The Immigration Brand Agency of Europe, USA and Australia in 2009”. Experiencing the long-term tribulation and struggle, Guangdong M.C.D. Consultants Co., Ltd. has successfully set up a reputable brand in its industry.

                Nowadays, M.C.D. provides three major services to a family not only assisting clients apply for visa.
                We offer the following services:

                1.The immigration and overseas study services and visa business which covering the four continents together with fifteen countries and more than twenty qualified projects and over 200 visas.
                1)The application service for Investment Immigration;
                2)The full range of services for Spouse Visa from the application to visa approval;
                We have a team of professional immigration lawyers and consultants who are excel in Spouse Visa of various countries and offering full services from the application to visa approval. No matter whether you begin to apply or your case is processing, if you encounter any problem, we will try our best to help you out of worries and problems. Such as: how to prepare the documents at the beginning of application? What need to do at all stages of application? How to fill in the application form? How to make the preparation for the interview for American Spouse Visa? How to appeal for refusal of misunderstanding the true relationship? How to appeal for refusal of public burden? We have professional immigration lawyers and consultants to help you solve the above problems.
                3)The visa application service for business, travel and visiting relatives;
                4)The visa application service for study abroad;
                5) Multilingual translation service.

                2.The customer settle-down service packages which will help clients to involve in new homes, to fit in brand-new life style and circumstance and to receive guidance and planning advice. At the moment, M.C.D. has already create the Yiliubang app(YLB) to build up a tutor platform for overseas students(N to one mode) and also the New Home Club in south California for new immigrant families.

                3.The wealth global configuration and inheritance services, such as family office, tax ID modulation and global assets allocation etc.

                It has been twenty years since the establishment of Guangdong M.C.D. Consultants Co., Ltd. In these twenty years, Guangdong M.C.D. Consultants Co., Ltd. has successfully helped thousands of families immigrant to other countries, including lots of difficult cases of Spouse Visa or refusal case of unfairly treatment. Our company has helped customers get visa successfully by almost perfect solution.

                M.C.D. will carry on its core mottoes: Moral character comes first,Co-creating and sharing then realized.To satisfy customers from the heart is always our relentless pursuit. We warmly welcome the customers and friends to choose our services.

                About M.C.D.
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